UI ANimation Masterclass🏆

Learn how to create UI animations in Principle for Mac

A structured course to create beautiful animations for mobile apps and websites by understanding the basics and fundamentals. Multiple project files will be included with animated phone mockups template of 30+ phone mockups.

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What if you could be
an animation superhero?

I know, that sounds far fetched. But what it were possible? What if you could, on a whim, create interactions/animations that impress stakeholders, win clients, and even put you ahead in your career?

In this course, you’ll learn not only how to create interactions and animate interfaces well, but also how to do it quickly. We’ll see how to export the designs, which we’ve designed in Sketch or Figma to Principle. We'll see how to create high-quality animation through an optimized workflow for almost any interface, from desktop to smartwatch.

Beginner / Intermediate

Course Level


Lessons & Tutorials

1h 30m+


Principle for mac

Required tool

Structure of the course

We'll be dividing the course into 3 parts.

🔍   Fundamentals

Our first session will be about knowing what is interaction design and diving into basics of animation. No prior interaction design experience needed.

Basic intro to interaction design

Teaching basics of animation

Brief intro to Principle interface

How to create basic interactions using principle

📚  Micro-Interactions

Next, we will dive into creating those sweet beautiful dribbble like micro-interactions with experiencing the prototype on mobile.

Import designs from Sketch, Adobe XD and Figma

First micro-interaction step by step

How to mirror, and experience the interaction on mobile

Creating multiple interaction points

🎓   Complex Animations

In the last part, we will create more complex, multiple pages interactions and will see the power of animation timeline.

Understanding drivers, animate and scroll effects in detail

Creating an app UI card animation & website UI animation.

Working with multiple screens

Summary of everything

What you can create after completing
this masterclass

Create beautiful interactions like these shown below

Meet the Course Instructor, Aashish

After watching a ton of YouTube videos, practicing for years, enrolling in a wide number of courses and a ton of trial and error, Aashish finally reached a point where he got down the fundamentals of creating any kind of animation. Flash forward to today and Aashish has created hundreds of UI animations for million dollar startups and clients ranging from Byjus, Snapdeal, JustWatch and many more.

And unlike so many courses out there today, Aashish wanted to create a masterclass that cuts out the theory and providing you with the practical fundamentals that actually work.
After completing this course you will be able to solve more complex problems using your interaction design thought process.
See you in the class!

Course include this awesome bonus

Worth $35

This amazing animated mockups will help you present your animations and designs to your clients in an unique way

Let's get started.

UI Animation Masterclass!

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Frequently asked questions

Let's help you become an amazing interaction designer.

Will it be a live session or recorded session?

This masterclass will be a recorded set of videos.

Will this masterclass will be useful if I want to create interactions in other tools like protopie?

Yes, ofcourse! The basics are always the same for interaction design and switching to a different tool doesn't matter. But yes, interface might be different for a different tool.

Why the mockups pack is only for Adobe After Effects?

This mockup pack is a 3d animated mockups pack and it is build inside Adobe After Effects. That's why you will need after effects to run this template.

If you still have any doubt?
Drop us a line and we will get back within 24 hours.