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So you are interested in levelling up your UI/UX design career. You should be!
But you know the road is not easy. This course will give you the head start in your animation journey and it's only up-to you how you take it further. UI/UX design is fasting growing field in US & Europe and someone who is capable of doing motion together with UI is the most in-demand right now.

This course is for you,
if you want

Basic prototyping understanding
This course is perfect for you if you want to learn prototyping from basics
Sharpen your animation skills
You know prototyping but are now looking to advance into animations
To advance in your UI/UX career
You want to advance in your design career from jr. or mid level to sr. level.
Confidence in your design solutions
Want to understand interaction design basics so that you can think better soltuions

What we will learn in this course

This course is designed for deisgners who don't have any prior experience in prototyping and ui animation.

We will start with understanding prototyping and UI animations, then what tools are there to create prototypes and complex animations. Then we gonna see why do we need motion in UI design, and then we gonna dive directly into prototyping our first project in Figma. Then we will create a multiple screens interactive prototype and finally, micro-interactions in Figma.

Modules we gonna cover

Bascis of Prototyping & UI animation
Why UI animation?
Prototyping & animations in Figma.
Smart-Animate in Action
Creating Micro-interactions
Creating animated On-boarding screens

Let's Win together

“I had a really good one-on-one with Aashish as part of the mentoring program. He's amongst many things a UI animation genius.”
Terence Sharpe
Digital Designer
“The great interaction designer I have ever met. While working with Aashish, I never felt like working with a colleague. I have learned a lot from him. Seeing him creating such amazing interactions made me also learning the same. Aashish is a good friend and an exemplary mentor.”
Anshul Bhatia
Product Designer, White hat jr
“Had an enlightening session
with Aashish Kumar.
Thank you for the all the advice & for helping designers like me. 👏🏻”
Prabh Chawla
User Interface Designer

Hey, I'm Aashish

Based in Berlin, Germany
After watching a ton of YouTube videos, practicing for years, enrolling in a wide number of courses and a ton of trial and error, I finally reached a point where I got down the fundamentals of creating any kind of animation. Flash forward to today, I've created hundreds of UI animations for million dollar startups and clients ranging from Byjus, Snapdeal, JustWatch and many more.

And unlike so many courses out there today, I wanted to create a course that cuts out the theory and providing you with the practical fundamentals that actually work.
After completing this course you will be able to understand the basics behind prototyping and animation. This course is a perfect starter for your UI animation journey. See you in the class!
Worked with clients all around the world

Give a boost to your design career and animate like a  pro.