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Aashish is working in the industry for the last 8 years, served as a creative director, and worked as a designerfor various billion-dollar clients from Byjus, Snapdeal, etc. He can help you make money and passive income with your design skills and develop processes to scale up your freelance career.He’s worked with various clients from all over the world from the US, UK, Spain,India, and Australia. Currently, he is working with a client in Berlin where he is designing the system for streaming movies online. His unique world-class digital products have a customer base of more than 2000+ globally and he has earned more than $40K just from passive income sources.And here we will not talk about his work since if you're reading this, you might have already seen his beautiful and awesome work.

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I design interfaces,
build beautiful websites,
and craft animations.

I've been designing and building websites for leading tech & startup businesses for the last 8 years. I was raised in India and currently based in Berlin, Germany.

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Help businesses with the design and video solutions which can make a difference. Create the most flexible, innovative, & elegant video templates and design kits.

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