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Million Frames is an internationally recognised brand created by Aashish Kumar to help businesses with design solutions. I design interfaces for mobile apps & websites that users love to use. I also provide free and premium digital products like ui kits, mockups & video templates for designers & freelancers.

Few tips to create an amazing design portfolio.

Updated: Nov 29, 2019

How do I create a good design portfolio? This is the most asked question recently. . Let me throw some light on it.

Create a better UI Design Portfolio

Hope this post clears your mind, motivates you and help you to be an amazing designer.

“Whenever you feel that your work isn't that great or you come across imposter syndrome, take a deep breath and then look at how far you have come in terms of your designs and skills. That will surely help you keep going.”

You’ll be surprise at your own capacity to do things but just you need to give time and keep working hard.

1.) Start creating

Think of a problem you face daily on any mobile app or website. Design a solution for it. It can be a simple button or even a layout for a better experience. Don’t wait for the perfect design. If you’ll not start, you’ve already failed but if you start, you might win!

2.) Find your niche

Find your own niche in design. Whether you are starting out or you are in the middle, try to find what do you like the most in solving problems through design. Typography, minimal designs, better colors, graffiti, animation, 3D, interactions, lettering etc.

3.) Don't worry about criticism

Start creating and posting. Don't worry if someone doesn’t like them. We are not born with design gifts. Everyone learns here with experience and inspiration.

Ask for the feedback from your mentors.

4.) Support your design

Support your design with a proper explanation on how you achieved it and what thought process was behind it. A good written snippet behind the design gives the viewer a better view or understanding of the particular design.

Case studies are more professional way.

5.) Don't copy but instead get inspired

Don't Copy. Create something which can be an inspiration also. Don't worry even the best designers started from getting inspired from something.

5.) Check progress

Don't wait to create the best portfolio out there. Just keep working and keep creating something. Come back after 3 months and have a look at your portfolio. Boom. It is one of the best already compared to when you started.

Let me know if you have questions about design, animation or interactions in the comments below and don't forget to share this post with others.