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Million Frames is an internationally recognised brand created by Aashish Kumar to help businesses with design solutions. I design interfaces for mobile apps & websites that users love to use. I also provide free and premium digital products like ui kits, mockups & video templates for designers & freelancers.

How do you survive as a full time freelancer?

I used to ask the same question before I went freelancing full time and I have seen lot of people looking around for answers to this universal doubt. . 🔍 I generate money mostly by client work and creating some passive income sources. Here I suggest few sources from where I generate passive income.

Hope this post clears your mind, motivates you and help you to be an amazing designer.

🥋 Nothing is easy, remember that. Passive incomes is not something which works on their own. They require effort as other things in life required so dive into it and work hard without expecting results in a month or two.

You’ll be surprise at your own capacity to do things but just you need to give time and keep working hard.

1.) Client Work

Client Work is a major source of income when I'm freelancing. Though it isn't easy to get clients at the start and we surely have to work hard for it.

2.) Savings

You already would have heard that savings are important if you are switching from a full time job to freelance. So I did the same. I saved around 5 months of income before I left my job before I went full time.

3.) Selling Products on Website

This is my new source of passive income which I have started few months back where I sell digital products.

4.) Selling Video Templates on Envato

This is my main source of passive income while I’m not getting clients or not working on design projects.

5.) Selling Design Mockups on Ui8.net

This is a part of my passive income which keeps me running while I’m not working on client projects.


These passive incomes which I generate daily took me almost 2 years for creating 30+ digital products which are used globally.

So you need to start and but don’t look for results at once or in a month or two, these things takes time but always pays off.

What does it take?

- Hardwork

- Passion

- Dedication

- Accepting Failure

- Patience

- Resting but not quitting

📣 Let me know if you have questions about ux design, ui design, animation or interaction design in the comments below and don't forget to share this post with others.