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Million Frames-UI_UX Design & Motion Des

Million Frames is an internationally recognised brand created by Aashish Kumar to help businesses with design solutions. I design interfaces for mobile apps & websites that users love to use. I also provide free and premium digital products like ui kits, mockups & video templates for designers & freelancers.

5 Places to sell your UI Design.

🛸 When I started freelancing, I was looking to generate some passive income as a designer. I wanted to sell some of my design work and I had this question in my mind at that time. "Where do I sell my designs?" . . 🔦I have seen lot of people looking around for answers to this universal doubt.

🔍 I generate money by selling digital products on various digital marketplaces. Here I suggest few of the best marketplaces from where you can generate passive income.

1.) EpicPxls

Start selling your awesome products like UI Kits today and receive 80% (100% while in beta) of your net revenue share from each subscription.

2.) Dqode

DQODE is a digital design marketplace. It curates a growing collection of quality work by some of the best design specialists in the world, including user experience, user interface and interaction designers.

3.) DesignModo

The Greatest place to sell digital products for creatives.Market is a place of carefully selected products for web designers. All items featured in the Market are designed by each featured creator.

4.) Ui8

UI8 is a curated marketplace. Earn 70% profits on individual products sales or 90% on exclusive products. Get global exposure from UI8 because it is used by by thousands of designers globally everyday.

5.) MouseCrafted

Sell UI Kits, Wireframeing Kits, Mockups and more design assets while earning 50% profits on individual products sales. MouseCrafted is frequented by thousands of designers from around the world.


Find out what designers like us would love to have as an asset in our kit, understand and solve a problem using a product. Also, most of these marketplaces have a strict review process so try to create the next level digital product.

Let me know if you have questions about design, animation or interactions in the comments below and don't forget to share this post with others.