Design  Mentorship & Consultation

Mentors help you show you the right path and their experience can help you save lot more time and effort

3 sessions of 1-hour each
Design, Animation, Passive income & Freelance career
Portfolio reviews, resume reviews and job interviews
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Why do you need a mentor?

Someone who can listen to your career trajectory problems
A mentor or a coach whom you can talk to and share your confusion regarding your current career. Personal mentoring is one of the smartest investments that you can make.
Upscale your career & learn about new things in your field
If you're looking for a good job, then then working with your mentor can be quite effective to reduce the time to find a job. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel again and you will learn from their past experiences.
Can act as catalyst in your decision making process
If you feel stuck in your career and not able to take decisions because of fear then a mentor can guide you better and with his experience can help you reach your next level.
Confidence in your design solutions
Want to understand interaction design basics so that you can think better soltuions

What can you expect from the session

Lot of value ofcourse! Hoping to see you at the session! I promise you that it will create an impact.

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Modules we gonna cover

3-Sessions of design talk, feedback, portfolio review, resume and more
8 Year’s of design experience Knowledge of various tools from Sketch, Figma, Principle, After Effects, etc.
Creating beautiful animations quickly like professional
Learn how to create passive income sources by designing digital products
Learn how to smoothly start your freelancing career
Learn how to tackle design interviews, and getting a job as a Product Designer

Hey, I'm Aashish

Aashish is working in the industry for the last 8 years, as a creative director, and designer for various billion-dollar clients.

He can help you in your creative career journey, earning passive income with your design skills, scaling up your freelance career etc. He’s worked with various clients from all over the world.

Currently, he is working with in Berlin and his unique world-class digital products have a customer base of more than 2000+ globally and he has earned more than $40K just from passive income sources.
Worked with clients all around the world


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Personalised Design Mentorship Programme

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3 Sessions. Value packed session.
Lifetime text support. Get connected to me after the sessions, forever.
Lot of Bonus Content. (We'll look at how to make your portfolio eye catching)
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Step up your career now and let Aashish🎖️ help you grow to your next level.
3 Sessions
Video Call Support
UI Design
Passive Income & Digital Products
How to Freelance
Leveraging Social Medias
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If you’re starting out into UI design, UX design, Interaction design, or Motion design and looking for boosting your career and ways to earn passive income by being creative then you are at the right place. I can help!

Porfolio Review


Aashish has been really helpful while guiding and listening to my problems throughout our session.  If you're stuck somewhere and need someone to guide you and listen to your part as well. I highly RECOMMEND Aashish.

Sahil Dabas
UI/UX Designer
Career Advice


I had a really good one-on-one with Aashish as part of the mentoring programme. He's amongst many things a UI genius - you can check out his work.
Thank you so much for the session Aashish.

Terence Sharpe
UI/UX Designer
How to start UI/UX design?


Today had an enlightening session
with Aashish Kumar.
Thank you for the all the advice & for helping designers like me. 👏🏻

Prabh Chawla
User Interface Designer