Snapdeal 2.0

Redesigned the India’s top e-commerce shopping app with over 50 million downloads.

Case Study

Redesigning the Snapdeal App

Scroll to read the case study outlining the process I used to design the app in line with the user interests and drive the buyer conversion rate.

Sketching, Ideation & Wireframing

I started by visualizing ideas on pen and paper.

This was the splash screen wireframes and ideation part

where we created our various animation approaches towards welcoming user and

leaving the impact of shopping app via splash screen

Gamification, adding coins and scratch card feature ideation and wireframing.

Matching the shopping experience on an app to the real-world experience like visiting a shopping mall and buying clothes. We ideated and wireframed gallery pages, product listing, easy filters options and checkout process for smooth user experience.

Homepage Designs

Created almost 6-7 different homepage designs.

Product Display Page Designs

Designed for different type of products.


- On analysis of data, we found out that the major problem was the home screen’s low engagement and low user retention.

- The home screen wasn’t as personalized to the user as it should be.

- Buyers were bouncing after adding their products to cart.

Designing UI Elements

After ideas were wireframed, I moved to design those ideas and see how the whole thing is coming together. I used Sketch to design the screens.

We explored a lot of Chinese apps to find out how they handled their products for so many users.

Tab Bar Micro Interactions

I used Principle for Mac and Adobe After Effects to created these tab bar interactions.

The tab bar interaction which you can see on the left side is the first interaction the team finalized but due to development timeline and business needs, we need to ship the product with non-jelly like interaction which you can see on the right-hand side.

Gallery Page Designs

Lot of designs were created for the product gallery to showcase images and eventually gamification will take over from the gallery.


I design interfaces for mobile and websites, craft beautiful animations, and build digital products for creatives.

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