UI/UX Case Study

Co-working App Redesign

An app to connect all the co-working members and for booking meeting rooms.

Case Study

Designing the Homely App

Scroll to read the case study outlining the process I used to design the app.

Ideation & Wire-framing

I started by visualising ideas on wireframes.

First, I wireframes the on-boarding process.

Then the most important aspect of the app that is meeting room booking.

Kept it simple, neat and clean with clutter free UI so that it becomes easy to book without getting distracted.

Designing UI Elements

After ideas were wireframed, I moved to design those ideas and see how the whole thing is coming together.

I used sketch to design the UI.

I designed lot of different designs to finally set the tone of the social homepage.


- Easy On-boarding Process to bring the members to the app and increase the app opening rate.

- Making Social page as the homepage so that app seems intriguing and makes users check for it frequently.

- Easy to do booking without much hassle and other additional options like invitations, scheduling etc.


Micro Interactions & Animations

I used Adobe After Effects to create a splash screen animation.


I design interfaces for mobile and websites, craft beautiful animations, and build digital products for creatives.

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