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The most comprehensive, step-by-step course covering everything one need to know from designing mobile apps and websites to animating them.

Concise. Valuable. Practical Masterclass

We want to take some of the mystery out of design, so you can feel confident and make user friendly products. Mastering motion is like mastering design spell that will set you apart from other designers. You can create websites with fluid animations in few hours and It’s almost magical.

60+ Video Lessons

Full fledged course for beginner to advanced user. This masterclass is the only course you will ever need to start your UI design & animation journey.

No coding skills required

You don't need any coding experience to attend this class. Also, ui animations don't require as such coding at all.

New classes added regularly

Yes, once you buy the course you will get access to new classes added to the masterclass.

Course Curriculum

UI Design Masterclass Modules

Module 1- Introduction
- Introduction about the course
- Structure of the course
Module 2- About UI/UX Design
- Difference between UI/UX design
- Why UI/UX design?
- What do UI/UX designers do?
- What’s our main focus of this masterclass?
- How to Become a UI/UX Designer?
- What tools to learn?
- How much time will it take to become a designer?
Module 3- Introduction to Figma
- What is Figma?
- Breaking down Interface of Figma
- Layers Panel
- Toolbar
- Design Properties Panel
- Canvas
Module 4-  Design Basics or UI Fundamentals
- What product are we designing for?
- Key concepts in design
- Frame Size
- Visual Hierarchy
- Spacing
- White space/ Breathing space
- Layout
- Wireframes
- Iconography
- Corner Radius
- Typography- Choosing the right typeface
- Typography Rules
- Pairing Fonts
- Colors/ Color Palette
- Gradients & Dark Mode
- Storytelling & Visuals
- Consistency in UI elements
- Design Language (We’ll see this later)
- Design Styleguide
- UXAccessibility & Usability
- Motion & Animation (Refer UI Animation Masterclass)
Module 5- Exploring everything in Figma
- 4 Things make UI Designs
- Shapes and it’s Properties
- Text Layer and it’s Properties
- Image Layer and it’s Properties
- Illustrations
- Pen tool & Drawing Shapes
- Transform Properties
- Alignment Tools
- Layout Properties/ Constraints
- Fill Properties
- Stroke Properties
- Effects Properties
- Blur examples
- Drop Shadows examples
- Inner shadows examples
- Background Blur examples
- Exporting & Developer Handoff & Inspect Panel
- Commenting in Figma
- Prototyping in Figma (Refer UI Animation Masterclass)
Module 6- Advance Figma Level II
- Masking
- Boolean Operations
- Blending Modes
- Auto Layout
- Components (Button)
- Variants (Buttons)
- Text Styles
- Color Styles
- Styleguide
- Quick Design System
Module 7- Designing 10+ UI Elements
- Buttons
- Tabs & Chips
- Input Field or Search Tab
- Icons
- Menu
- Cards & Carousels
- Header
- Footer
- Drop down List
- Checkboxes, Switches, Toggles, Radio button
- Progress Bar & Slider
- Tooltip
- Modal & Sidebar
Module 8- Designing our First Website Landing Page
- What is a landing page?
- Ideation & Wireframing
- Typography
- Color Palette
- Navigation
- Hero Section
- Features Section-1
- Feature Section-2
- Pricing Section Cards
- Review Page
- Footer Bar
- Adding Images
- Adding Colors
- Polishing UI with Effects
- Auto- Layout
- Components
Module 9- Designing our First Mobile App Screens
- Ideation & Wireframing
- Launch Screen
- Homepage
- Gestures & Tap Size
- Typography
- Colors
- Shape Layers
- Adding Text Layers
- Adding Images
- Adding Colors
- Polishing UI with Effects
-Auto- Layout
- Components
Module 10- Building your portfolio
- How to create a great portfolio?
- Dribble Presentation
- What not to do in designing UIs?
Module 11- Final thoughts
- Certification
- What’s next?
Bonus Module- Advanced Designs in Figma Level III
- What are plugins in Figma?
- Isometric Plugin
- What are design trends?
- How to create glassmorphism UI?
- How to create neumorphism UI?
- How to create Retro UI?
- How to show image on Text layer?

UI Animation Masterclass Modules

Module 1 - Basics of Prototyping & Animation
- Intro
- What is prototyping and UI Animation?
- Tools for Prototyping and Animation?
Module 2- Understanding the use of Motion in UI
- Why do we need motion in Product Design?
- Purpose of UI Animations
- Is UI animation difficult?
- How motion enhances the UX of the products like websites and mobile apps?
- How does a Prototype and Animation work?
- What not to do while animating the UI?
Module 3 - Principles of UI motion design
- Realtime vs Non-Realtime interactions
- Principles of UX in motion
- Understanding motion choreography
- Understanding user interaction with mobile and web
- Breaking down an UI animation
Module 4 - Prototyping in Figma - Level I (Basic)
- Introduction to Figma
- Figma Interface & Prototyping Panel
- Understanding Triggers & Interation panel
- Creating our first transition based prototype
- Scrolling, Device Frames and Paging
- Smart Animation
- Overlays
- Creating basic Micro-interactions
Module 5 - Prototyping in Figma - Level II (Advanced)
- Creating complex micro-interactions
- Smart Animate + Dragging
- Creating an interactive mobile app prototype
- Previewing the prototype on mobile device
- Creating a text animation
- Creating animated backgrounds
- Creating animated dribbble shots
- Creating animated landing page of a website
Module 6 - Animation Styles & Transform Properties
- Animation styles in Action
- Creating animation in minutes by simple transform property changes
Module 7 - Prototyping in Principle - Level I (Basic)
- Intro, Installing Principle, Interface and Connecting screens
- Importing designs, Complex Animation & Animation Timeline
- Creating a footer bar micro-interaction
- Scrolling & Paging in Action
- Understanding Drivers
- Easing, Timing in Animation & Creating Delays
- Components
- Creating Fake Tap Areas & Playing Videos
- Creating an interactive mobile app prototype with video
- Previewing the interactive prototype on mobile device
- Exporting Video & GIF from Principle
Module 8 - Prototyping in Principle - Level II (Advanced)
- Rapid Prototyping a UX Solution to a problem
- How to think animation quickly?
- Creative onboarding flow animation
- Text animation & Landing Page Animation
- Splash Screen Animation
- AI Loading Animation
- AI Finding Movies Animation
- Smart Home App Animation
Module 9 - Animation in After Effects- Level I (Basic)
- Intro, Importance of AE in Design & Installing After Effects
- Breaking down the Interface of AE
- Importing Designs in AE & Basic Animation Workflow using a simple project
- Understanding Keyframes, Timeline and Effects by diving into a project
- Creating a Movie Product Page Animation using 3D
- Creating a Loading Animation using Shape Layers & Text Layers
- Exporting video prototypes & animations in AE
Module 10 - Animation in After Effects- Level II (Advanced)
- What is Lottie Animation & Bodymovin Plugin?
- Creating a Heart Icon Animation
- Exporting in JSON format
- Storyboarding a complex AI animation
- Creating a complex AI animation-Part 1
- Creating a complex AI animation-Part 2
- Creating a video prototype of an AI movie finder app
- Exporting the animated video
- Thoughts on After Effects
Module 11 - UI Animation handoff to developers
- Animation handoff to developers
- Animation handoff checklist
Module 12 - Final thoughts and Getting better at Animation Thinking
- What tools do I use to work with clients?
- How to get better at animation thinking?
- Resources you can take inspiration from
- Extro!
Bonus Module- Complex Animations with Principle & AE
- Phone charging feedback animation
- Complex Text animation in Principle

Practice your UI design skills with 100+ UI designs

worth $150

Create beautiful UI designs like these shown below!

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Launch timeline of all the UI Design Masterclass modules

P.S.- It'll be modules drip over 3 months and we'll plan to close all modules by December 2022.

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15th Oct

Module 2

About UI/UX Design

15th Oct

Module 3

Intro to Figma’s Interface

30th Oct

Module 4

Design Basics or UI Fundamentals

5th nov

Module 5

Exploring everything in Figma - LEVEL I

15th nov

Module 6

Advance Figma Level II

30th Nov

Module 7

Designing 10 UI Elements

30th Nov

Module 8

Designing our First Website Landing Page

15th Dec

Module 9

Designing our First Mobile App Screens

25th Dec

Module 10

Building your portfolio

25th Dec

Module 11

Final thoughts

25th Dec

Bonus Module

Advanced Designs in Figma Level III

Jan 2022

Motion is that design spell that will set you apart from other designers ✨

So you are interested in levelling up your game. You should be!
But you know the road is not easy. This course will give you immense power in your hands and it's only up-to you how you take it further. UI/UX design is fasting growing field in US & Europe and someone who is capable of doing motion together with UI is the most in-demand right now.

This course is for you,
if you want

A career in design
This course is perfect for you if you want to start a career in design.
Creative freedom
Want a career which gives you creative freedom
To be a seasoned designer
This course is for beginners and for expert designers too.
To work with big clients
Want to understand interaction design and work with big clients
To showcase your designs with fluid animations
If you want to showcase your designs with fluid animations to your clients or stakeholders.
A well paid career
Want a career that’s well paid and in-demand

What you can conjure after completing
this masterclass 😍

Create beautiful UI designs & fluid animations like these shown below!

What if you could be an animation wizard 🧙

I know, that sounds far fetched. But what if this was possible? What if you could, on a whim, create interactions/animations that impress stakeholders, win clients, and even put you ahead in your career?

In this course, you’ll learn not only how to create interactions and animate interfaces well, but also how to do it quickly.

built for

UI/UX Designers


12 Modules
60+ Video Lessons


7 Hours

3 Design tools

Figma, Principle and After Effects

Practice your UI design skills with 50+ UI designs

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Student stories

Stories from courses, masterclass and mentorship sessions.

“Aashish is a very talented and creative designer. I have learned a lot from him. Thank you very much for that!”

Samuel Schneider
Senior Digital Marketing Manager

"The course was extremely easy to follow which made it really easy for me to learn and I also discovered Figma mirror which blew my mind"

Sanchari Saha
UI/UX Designer
Enrolled in
UI Animations in Figma Course

“The great interaction designer I have ever seen. I have learned a lot from him. Seeing him creating such loveful interactions made me also learning the same. Aashish is an exemplary mentor.”

Anshul Bhatia
Product Designer

"For someone, who has transitioned her career from a chef to a designer. This masterclass has been a cherry on the cake with that level of expertise used in curating the masterclass.
This course is an amalgamation of different tools coming together and building up the best UI Animation Course out there.
I would strongly recommend young designers to enrol in the masterclass to give boost to their design career."

Product Designer at Createbytes
Enrolled in
UI Design & Animation Masterclass

“I did the figma course few days ago. Being a UI/UX Design student the course helped me in making my project more immersive as well as interactive. Specially breaking down the terms into small points was very convincing and understandable for me. Looking forward to watching more of your content in near future regarding UI Animations using after effects , Basic UI colors  schemes & gradients, Font styles and their sizes.”

Pritam Saha
Enrolled in
UI Animations in Figma Course

“He has a gift for precision, detail and user experience / empathy that few designer do. For anyone who's learning UX/ UI design, I just have one piece of advice - learn as much as you can from Aashish.”

Shaikh Abdulbasit
Product Manager based out of Berlin, Germany

Boost your design career

Enrol in the UI animation masterclass only if you’re well versed with UI designing and interested in directly diving into UI animation.

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Creator, Aashish Kumar

About Aashish

After watching a lot of YouTube videos, practicing for years, and a ton of trial and error, Aashish finally reached a point where he got down the fundamentals of crafting any kind of animation. Flash forward to today, Aashish has designed million dollar apps and websites in both web 2.0 and web 3.0 space.

And unlike so many courses out there today, Aashish wanted to create a masterclass that cuts out the theory and provide you with the practical fundamentals that actually work.

Aashish founded Million Frames Academy to teach designers special design and animation techniques which can help them monetize their skills and earn money.

Currently Head of Design at Polynomial
Designed JustWatch, Berlin
Designed Million Frames, Berlin


Enrollment open in
What makes this course different from all other UI animation courses?
This is not a course covering one single thing. There's a reason why it is called Masterclass. We nurture you from beginner to advanced level designer. Everything from ideation to developer handoff is covered inside this masterclass. Video lessons are not always enough so we will also provide workbooks and quizes to validate your knowledge while you progress along the journey.
Why UI Animation Masterclass?
Unlike other courses, the UI Animation masterclass is a concise course with value-packed 60+ videos to transform your career. Along with video lessons, you will have access to workbooks, project files and a 1-on-1 call with me where we will explore ways to apply all the knowledge and skills you learn in this masterclass efficiently.
What's included in this masterclass?
This masterclass includes-

🌈  60+ video lessons of practical and concise knowledge
😃  5+ hours of actionable, easy-to-digest videos
📄  Downloadable project files for every lesson
📝  Worksheet exercises to apply what you learned
😍  Valuable links and resources for every lesson
🚀 And, 1-on-1 call support if you get stuck anywhere.
How will I get access to all the lessons in the masterclass?
After ordering the course, you will receive an email with a link to login/signup to the masterclass. Once you log in, you'll have immediate access to the course. But currently, the course is in production and the last few modules will be locked until the launch drip date. You can follow the linear progression at your own pace.
What tools are being taught in this masterclass?
We will start with a basic design tool called Figma which is an industry-standard tool for designing UI. We will prototype in Figma, then we will move to Principe and finally, we will see how to create complex animations inside Adobe After Effects.
I'm new to Figma, Principle and After Effects. Is this masterclass right for me?
Of course! This masterclass teaches you the very basics of the above-mentioned tools. So if you've just started out in design it is okay. But to be honest, we will say first gather basic design knowledge and then come back and get enrolled in the course, then it will be a very smooth journey. Although we have tried to explain every bit in an easily understandable way.
Will I be able to create fully interactive prototypes by the end of this course?
Yes, for sure! You'll learn a step-by-step process you can use in any future projects. And guess what, within minutes you'll be able to create fully-fledged prototype. Besides that, after the course we’ll do a 1-hour coaching session, in which we’ll go over your future plans and career goals.
Will it be live class or recorded session?
This masterclass will be a recorded set of videos.
Will this masterclass be useful if I want to prototype in some other tool?
Yes, of course! The basics are always the same for interaction design and switching to a different tool doesn't matter. But yes, the interface might be different for a different tool.