Is mastering UI animations worth it?

We will talk about the future of animations in UI designs

Aashish Kumar
Product Designer

Mastering motion is like mastering a design spell that will set you apart from other designers. You can create websites with fluid animations in few hours. It’s almost magical.

"The demand for UX designers who know motion is increasing day by day and it's the right opportunity to master UI animation right now."

Let's see where we can use UI animations as a designer.

Motion in Composite Gradient

Designers can focus on animating gradients just like we can see on Stripe's website. These subtle gradient animations removes the static feeling from the website and makes it more lively.

3D Design with motion

Now in 2021 with the easy availability of 3d tools like @splinetool it has become easier to animate 3d elements. For example, 3D Visuals seen on Pitch or Apple's website.

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Illustrative Animations

With the Blush plugin for Figma now illustrations have become easily available to add motion and make them lively.

Glossy Animations

Glassmorphism trends are on the hype and animation can be a useful asset there.

Complex UI Animation for AR

AR/VR is going to be more accessible in the coming years and animations play a huge role here. So mastering animation is the perfect thing one can do to boost their career right now.

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