How to improve UI design skills?

Avoid these mistakes which most UI designers do when they start designing.

Aashish Kumar
Product Designer

Few tips to improve your UI designs.

"❌ Avoid these mistakes which most UI designers do."

There are few things which we as a designer should look for when we design a product and enhance the user experience.

Get better at typography

Typography is very important in UI design. Use not more than 2 typefaces in your design. Create a better hierarchy in your text by using different weight fonts for headlines and paragraphs.

Focus on design alignments

Alignments make sure your design content is modular and structured. Improper alignment between content in your design can cause user frustration and they might close the app or website within seconds.

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Avoid using shadows on every layer

Since flat design came into play the use of shadow has increased a lot to make elements more prominent. Most of the designs we see on dribble use too many shadows on each and every element and that makes it not a good user experience.

Use icon of the same type

Icons can be of different types like line icons, fill icons, glossy icons, etc. Always make sure you use the same type of icons in your products. Don't mix line icons with fill icons which will increase the cognitive load on user.

Let the design breathe. White space is important.

Every element on your design should be well spaced out and have some padding and margin. This helps the user to focus on single elements and creates a better hierarchy for better readibility.

Pinch of advice,

There are more things apart from the above points which are needed to make your designs accessible to users. But doing these 5 things can improve your designs by 70% and that's a huge change to make your product user friendly.