5 Top Prototyping & Animation Tools for UI/UX Designers

What tools you can use to create UI animations?

Aashish Kumar
Product Designer

So much of animations on dribble or bechance or even Instagram can seem daunting. There are so many tools out there. Let's see which tool you can add into your design workflow to create prototypes, micro-interactions, and complex animations.

"UI animation is not only a visual garnish but a skill that can tell better stories & create aesthetically-pleasing user experiences."

🧘🏻‍♂️My list of tools that I use in my daily design workflow to create prototypes, interaction design and complex animations-


For creating quick user flows and prototypes to present to stakeholders.


When I require ready-made animations like dragging/scrolling I use Framer.

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Principle for Mac

My favorite tool for complex interactions and animation. This tool I only use when there are multiple taps and pages are involved.


For testing animations on android. I love the features this tool has.

Adobe After Effects

Complex animations and simulation-based animations.

Pinch of advice,

In the end, after using all these tools, I can say that every tool is great in one or another aspect and it's the designer's mind that creates the art and tools are just a bridge for that. Your design/animation thinking is important before you dive into these tools.