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5 Places to sell UI designs

Generate passive income from selling design resources online.

UI design tools for designers

Figma, sketch, adobe xd, or principle? Read this blog to find out what tools to use.

Tips to create an amazing design portfolio.

How do I create a good design portfolio? This is the most asked question recently.

How do you survive as a full time freelancer?

I used to ask the same question before I went freelancing full time and I have seen lot of people looking around for answers to this universal doubt.

Freelancing is not as glamorous as it is told...

"It was all lonely out there.... . . ...but in the end it was all worth it"

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I design interfaces for mobile and websites, craft beautiful animations, and build digital products for creatives.

  • Aashish Kumar-Instagram-UX Designer
  • Aashish Kumar-Dribbble-UX Designer
  • Aashish Kumar-Linkedin-UX Designer
  • Aashish Kumar-Twitter-UX Designer
  • Aashish Kumar-Youtube-UX Designer
  • Aashish Kumar-Facebook-UX Designer
  • Aashish Kumar-Vimeo-UX Designer

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