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We'll help you build a successful career in UI/UX design from scratch and teach you the methods to create digital products.

Learn the art behind designing great websites and mobile apps with beautiful animations

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We know design journey can be different for all of us and that's why we try to connect with the aspiring designers through youtube, mentorship programs and ofcourse, video courses.

Hey, I'm Aashish

Based in Berlin, Germany
After watching a ton of YouTube videos, practicing for years, enrolling in a wide number of courses and a ton of trial and error, I finally reached a point where I got down the fundamentals of creating any kind of animation. Flash forward to today, I've created hundreds of UI animations for million dollar startups and clients ranging from Byjus, Snapdeal, JustWatch and many more.

And unlike so many courses out there today, I wanted to create a course that cuts out the theory and providing you with the practical fundamentals that actually work.
After completing this course you will be able to understand the basics behind prototyping and animation. This course is a perfect starter for your UI animation journey. See you in the class!
Worked with clients all around the world

Give a boost to your design career and animate like a  pro.