Hi i'm Aashish Kumar

from a filmmaking and engineering background.

I'm the creator of Million Frames with a vision to help companies with design solutions to their problems by integrating the values into visuals and creating products with a human-centered design approach.

I've been designing and building websites for leading tech & startup businesses for the last 8 years.

I’m an Indian, born and raised in Jhansi City.
Currently, I'm residing in Berlin, Germany where I'm working on making the future of streaming movies & tv shows easy and fun. I've been a creative professional for over 8 years directing, designing, animating and building for some awesome clients. 

I'm designing digital experiences with the superpower combo of design, animation, and videos while traveling around the world. I bring my passion for design from films and have made a few short films in my college days.

When I'm not designing, you can find me talking about cinema, football, and I love to amaze people using card magic. If you love playing Fifa, we should catch up over drink or coffee.

Lot of Value

Do you think
movies can change your Life?

Well, it changed mine.
I saw Jurassic Park for the first time when I was 10 years old.
I still believe it’s one of the most creative things I have ever seen.
10 years after that, In my college, I got interested in making science fiction short films. I taught myself film making and software skills to create visual effects.
Luckily, our film won the best editing award in a college competition with 40+ entries. That award wasn’t anything huge to celebrate but a small success gave birth to my passion.
I followed my passion and chose to be a creative professional.
Little did I know that watching movies will end up getting me in design, videos, and a creative career.

Goals & Ambition

Help businesses with the design and video solutions which can make a difference. Create the most flexible, innovative, & elegant video templates and design kits.

How millionframes as a brand was born?

In 2017, I designed a slideshow video template (popularly know as Food Slideshow) that helped over 500+ businesses create, promote, and share their product or idea. Until then I had no idea that this will be disrupting the way businesses create videos.
The growth in terms of numbers turned the entire game. Since then I evolved my brand to focus on videos and then designing experiences came as early in 2018.
As of 2019, I'm handling clients from all over the world while selling digital products also online.
Since then Million Frames has become a brand that designs quality digital products in form of templates and UI Kits which makes work easier of freelancers, designers, filmmakers and businesses.

What tools do I use?

My expertise is based on my experience and a wide range of tools which I use to create the top-notch products.


I use whimsical to create wireframes and user flows.


I use sketch to create UI designs & design system.


I use figma to create UI designs along with rapid prototypes.

Principle for Mac

I use principle for mac to create complex interactions.

Adobe After Effects

I use AE to create complex animations and video templates.

Adobe XD

I use Adobe XD to create UI designs.


To manage my design system and handing over designs to developers

Adobe Premiere Pro

I use premiere pro to edit my youtube videos.

What I'm working on

Today, I am working as a Product Designer in Berlin, and in my spare time, I'm helping the design community by crafting digital products.

I also contribute to the design community through my other online platforms (LinkedIn, YouTube, Website, etc) to impact as many creatives I can.
Since childhood, creativity is something which has been very close to me and it has given me a lot in return.
To give back to the community, I started my Instagram handle (@millionframes) to share design content for aspiring designers and creatives. The support from the community was phenomenal where I crossed 13K+ followers in a mere 3 months.

Launched my website v1.0
on Dec, 2019 designed on WIX

It got featured by Ran Segal on his youtube channel and it has got over 60K+ views.

Where I am today?

Currently, I'm helping clients with design and video solutions. I have an online store too, where you can purchase our industry standard 30+ digital products which has helped 2000+ design agencies and companies across the globe to efficiently create videos in minutes.

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